AI Fashion & Design Meets Reality: Ariadne Designs AI x Off/Script

The cutting-edge generative AI design and traditional physical manufacturing worlds are finally colliding - and you get to be part of the revolution.

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After receiving overwhelming community support on Off/Script, 23 of our digitally-conceived apparel and product designs are gearing up to cross that elusive finish line into real-world existence.

But this isn't just any old product drop. 

We're buckling up for a groundbreaking creative journey from the virtual into the tangible realm, powered by OUR imagination and YOUR support & involvement. We're talking AI-generated sketches, hand-crafted 3D rendered designs, and psychedelic dreamscapes soon to manifest as clothes you can wear, decor for your home and accessories to match any occasion.

To kick things off, we're launching a series of crowdfunding Pre-Sale Campaigns on Off/Script 

Worried about ordering anything during the "pre-sale" stage? Dive into the straightforward process on how our Campaigns & Pre-Sales with Off/Script work HERE.

Learn why you'll never be charged when you place your initial order AND you'll never be charged unless we meet our Campaign goal. 

Here's a sneak peek at a few of our active & upcoming Campaigns...

Polyagonal Tears [3D Printed Earrings] 

Polygonal Tears - 3D Printed Earrings from Ariadne Designs AI on OffScript

We are THRILLED to share that as of April 16th we have met our Campaign Funding Goal!


You can still secure your pair for 25% off retail price during the Campaign Pre-Sale, but don't delay - this offer ends on May 8, 2024!




Magical Musings 🍄 Sheer Luxury Socks 

sheer socks with bright mushrooms on them, in the style of whimsical, lighthearted atmosphere, gossamer fabrics

Transport your feet into a fantastical realm with these delightfully whimsical sheer socks and bring a dash of magic to your every day style! We need just 15 Pre-Orders by May 15th to transform these from pixels to product!

Don't let this enchanting design slip away -  pre-order your pair at 25% off TODAY!

During our limited Campaign window, these festive fungi socks are 25% OFF final retail - don't delay, snag yours NOW - the clock is ticking. 🍄

Encased in Folds - Origami Inspired Luxury Bag

Encased in Folds - Origami Inspired Luxury Bag from Ariadne Designs AI on OffScript

Where avant-garde design meets sumptuous practicality, Ariadne Designs AI presents Encased in Foldsa profound statement piece. Origami-inspired black leather panels collapse and unfurl into a spacious yet structured carryall unlike any other. 

We need YOUR HELP to secure 32 Pre-Orders by May 18th to bring this modern twist on the classic black bag off the screen and into reality! 

Pre-order now before this transcendent design re-folds into the ether.

These designs and 21 others are headed to the Campaign Stage in the coming weeks - with MORE on the way after that! 

So...What Happens Next? 

Once each Campaign reaches it's funding goal, Off/Script's world-class manufacturing & production teams take over, transmuting our designs from pixels into products - all shipped directly to your doorstep.

This is far more than just launching new product lines.

It's a chance for all of us - creators, supporters, fashion revolutionaries - to collaborate in blurring the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds.

Your support and all of our pre-orders don't simply back our design concepts, but propel us into the future of conceptual design & creative technology.

Whether you've admired our futuristic apparel from afar or are just learning about the AI-to-real world phenomenon now, THIS is your entry point.

No more wondering "what if" when you see a jaw-dropping digital design. We're working every day to take the imaginary off-screen - into something you can wear, showcase, and share.

Join us in accelerating our long term goals by turning these digital daydreams into physical reality! Together we're shaping the future and exploring uncharted creative territory - one game-changing product at a time.

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