• Midjourney V6 - Transformations

    Explore new ways to expand your creation design and concepting process with Midjourney V6 and Ariadne Designs AI

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  • Midjourney V5.2 - Variations

    In this visual guide, "Absinthe," crafted by our exclusive fashion label Ariadne.ai Fashion you'll find a visual guide to Midjourney V5.2 and it's features.

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  • Midjourney V5.2 - Pan, Weird and Zoom | Ariadne Designs AI

    If you're a fan of Midjourney, you may have had time to play with two of the newest features - Pan and Weird. In this visual guide, we'll walk through these features together while exploring design concepts from Ariadne AI Fashion's new concept collection: LAPIS. 

    Let's Pan & Get Weird 
  • Beginner's Guide to Understanding Blockchain X The Fashion Industry

    Download our free guide & discover real-world applications, explore digital fashion in the metaverse, and learn actionable steps to get started with blockchain in your fashion projects.

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  • Haute AI - Redefining Luxury in the Age of AI | Kayleigh Farmer

    The fashion industry is undergoing a major transformation, thanks to the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI). How will this impact luxury fashion? Dive in with Gen AI Conference & Kayleigh Farmer.

    Recorded 9.2023

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  • From 2D Fashion Design to World Building | Kayleigh Farmer

    Generative AI is impacting and disrupting the creative industry - today we'll walk through utilizing generative tools to explore designs & concepts from 2D to immersive 3D landscapes. Recorded on 8.31.2023

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  • Fashion AI Workshop: Generative Video Tools | Kayleigh Farmer

    Fashion AI and Kayleigh Farmer, founder of Ariadne Designs AI & Ariadne AI Fashion team up to bring you an hour long workshop on Generative VIdeo Tools from RunwayML to Kaiber

    Recorded in July 2023

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  • FAIYE - The Fashion AI Magazine

    Founder of Ariadne Designs AI & Ariadne AI Fashion, Kayleigh Farmer is featured in the inaugural issue of FAIYE - the publication from Fashion AI, a london-based generative fashion collection. Kayleigh also worked as Editor of FAIYE during 2023

    Dive in to Issue #1 

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