The Risk-Free Way to Pre-Order Ariadne Designs AI Products

We are genuinely overjoyed at the opportunity to bring our original and AI-infused fashion & design concepts to life through Off/Script's innovative crowdfunding platform.

However, we know pre-ordering products before they even exist can feel a bit daunting. That's why we want to lay out exactly how our campaigns work to put your mind at ease.

Supporting Concepts: The Campaign Pre-Order Process

  • Browse our active and upcoming campaigns, and get excited! Once you've settled on your favorite products, simply follow the on-page link to be taken to the official Campaign order page - hosted on the Off/Script platform.
  • On the Off/Script platform, simply click the "Reserve" button on the Product's Campaign Page. A new page will load where, you'll complete the steps of the checkout process on Off/Script - just as you would with any other online order. Except this time there's ONE super important difference. Each checkout page will provide you with the total for your product (including shipping) AND provide you with the specific date upon which you'll be charged, just like the image below: 
  • To complete your pre-order, simply press the "Reserve" button at the bottom of your checkout page and VOILA! Your order has been placed. No, really, that's it! Your payment info is securely saved, but you WILL NOT be charged a single cent until...

The Campaign Is Successful

Each of our product campaigns has a minimum funding goal - determined by a set number of pre-orders needed within a strict 30 day timeline.

We're working day and night to manifest the success of ALL of our campaigns, BUT we also know that we might not hit our funding minimums on every single concept.

If for any reason we do not meet the pre-order goal by the product Campaign's cutoff date: 

The campaign ends and no one gets charged. Here at Ariadne Designs AI, we'll head back to the drawing board, move into our next phase of innovating, exploring, designing and launching new Campaigns, and you don't pay for a thing!

However, if the minimum is met...

Remember the date and order total you were given on the pre-order checkout page. Once a Product Campaign has been funded, your payment will process the day following the original end date of the Campaign.

At this point, it's time to fly! The incredible engineers and innovators at Off/Script kicks things into production mode and will deliver your product straight to your doorstep!

Zero Risk, Full Transparency

We believe in bringing our community into the work we do, and behind the curtain of this process as it evolves. There are no tricks, no hidden charges.

If a campaign fails, you're not out a penny.

When it succeeds, you can could yourself as one of the pioneers of future focused product design - because YOU helped us to carry an ambitious concept across the finish line and off the screen into the real world!

So feel free to pre-order with confidence. Your payment is only processed if we collectively rally enough support to make that design for real. It's a zero-risk way to vote with your wallet for the bleeding-edge apparel and objects you wish to see in this world.

The future is what we make it, together.

Let's embark on this campaign journey with full transparency and zero barriers to unlocking the next dimensions of AI-driven design and fashion. One risk-free pre-order at a time!

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