What is Off/Script? A Creative Experience Guide from Ariadne Designs AI

As designers, creators and curators in a digital world, we've all had those "wouldn't it be cool if..." moments. As a brand firmly entrenched in both the creative technology and design industries that feeling is ALL too familiar - the desire to instantly transform a unique product or innovative design from the screen to the real world.

Well folks, the future is HERE, and with Off/Script, the dream of going digital to physical with ease is now possible.

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Off/Script is a first-of-its-kind community platform & application that empowers creators & designers from all around the world to transform their digital concepts into tangible products. Think of it like an all-in-one Kickstarter platform where you can create, validate and campaign your designs. Off/Script is the space specifically for designers, artists, and other creatives from around the globe to come together and bring their visions from the virtual realm into physical reality.

Here's how it works:

1. Step One – Create an Account & Share Your Digital Concepts: Share your illustrations, sketches, 3D renders, AI art - whatever represents your creative vision. The Off/Script community then gets to vote on which ideas they love the most.

2. Step Two – Engage with the Community and Level Up to Campaigns: Once your concept has been published and hits the benchmark of 100 likes, the Off/Script's team will review the design for manufacturing feasibility. If it’s something that can be made – keep an eye on your inbox! Off/Script will work with you, the creator, one on one after setting a funding goal and minimum product pre-order to move your digital vision into the real world!

3. Step Three - Crowdfunding Campaign: Just like a traditional Kickstarter-style campaign, your digital design concept will have a 30-day window to secure enough pre-orders to hit that pre-production funding target via pre-orders. No financial risk – your supporters will only get charged if the goal is met within those 30 days

4. Step Four –Smash Your Campaign Goals and Head to Production: The final most exciting part – once you hit your Campaign goal – it’s time to fly into Production mode. Working hand in hand with you,  the incredible team at Off/Script handles the heavy lifting of bringing your creation to life – technical design finalization, sampling, manufacturing, shipping out the final product. AND THAT’S NOT ALL – creators keep 70% of the revenue profits!

The beauty as a creator is partnering with a platform and a team that has YOUR best interest and vision in mind - creators maintain full ownership and IP rights over their creative works. Off/Script provides the platform, production expertise, and distribution channels to make it all a reality.

For your community and early supporters, it's a chance to be part of the development process for fresh, innovative designs they're passionate about. For creators, it's an accessible way for us to validate business ideas and earn revenue from pursuing our artistic passions.

Ariadne Designs AI is preparing to launch the first series of 12 (yes 12!) campaigns spanning apparel, furniture and accessories through Off/Script's platform. I'm excited to take you all along for the journey.

Ready to see what's in store? Discover the upcoming Campaigns HERE.

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