The Main Event - Ariadne at AI Fashion Week Season 2 - Makaria Melinoe Collection

Explore an extended look at the "Main Event" - the primary designs that were curated for Season 2 of AI Fashion Week. Thousands of designs were generated in the process of creating this collection, and the gallery below - while an extension beyond to 20 final designs for AIFW - encompasses a mere fraction of the images crafted for the final showcase from Ariadne AI Fashion. 

Ariadne Designs AI | Ariadne AI Fashion - Makaria Melinoe at AIFW Season 2 by Kayleigh Farmer
Ariadne Designs AI | Ariadne AI Fashion © 2023 - All Rights Reserved

While we did not place in the Top 20 this season, it was an honor to be showcase among some of the top talents in the digital design space in 2023. We look forward to submitting for Season 3! 
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